Mañana inician las NaviFerias del IMA

Mañana inician las NaviFerias del IMA
Las ferias serán los sábados 10 y 17 de diciembre.

These fairs include four Christmas products that consumers can buy at low cost, informed the Agricultural Marketing Institute

The Institute of Agricultural Marketing (IMA), held from the Saturday morning the NaviFerias, where we will be offering food at lower prices, mainly the most sought for these holidays this year.

In a statement, the IMA announced it will be selling hams leg to eight dollars. In addition, there will be other products for sale as pigeon peas classic, bagels, sweets, fruits (apples, pears, grapes, etc.), without leaving out other foods that originally offered in every Saturday Fairs free, that drives the institution.

The NaviFerias only be on Saturdays 10 and 17 December, and have established six locations in the country as points of sales of Christmas products.

The institution explained in the statement that sales centers will be located in Sugarloaf silos in the district of San Miguelito; Juan Diaz in the Heliodo Park Patino; in Chilibre, next to the Municipal Gymnasium; Don Bosco, in the old piquera bus; New Tocumen, by Cántaros; in Chorrera, on the grounds of the Fair; in Veraguas, in the Omar Torrijos Stadium and in the province of Chiriqui, in Frigo IMA.

In the inaugural event, which will be at the Fair of Los Silos located in Sugarloaf (San Miguelito), at 9:00 am, will participate the President of the Republic, Juan Carlos Varela, ministers of state and heads of institutions .

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